Can You Open Your Garage Door With A Broken Spring?

The garage door springs act as a counterbalancing system that coils and uncoils when the door opens and shuts. A broken garage door spring can become a nuisance. While it is fine to open your garage door with a broken spring, we recommend contacting the technicians to resolve the thing ASAP. We at M&H Garage Door Spring Services in Hanford CA can help you replace the springs in no time.

What Happens When a Garage Door Spring Breaks?

Their will be no normal door movement if the spring in your garage door broken. The issue could be a broken spring if any of the following conditions are met: 

  • The motor of the garage door opener is running, but the door is not moving. 
  • You can hear the garage door opener attempting to lift the door, but it fails. 
  • You heard a loud popping noise indicating that the spring has broken. 
  • The garage door has come off its tracks.
Garage Door Spring Repair
Will a Garage Door Open With a Broken Spring?

It is possible for a garage door to still open even if the spring is broken. But it will require some manual effort! However, it is important to note that using the garage door opener in such situation could invite potentially damage. It can damage the motor, as the broken spring adds extra weight to the door. 

Therefore, we strongly advise not to attempt opening your garage door if the spring is broken. However, if you need to open the door to get your car out, please follow these safety tips to ensure your well-being: 

  • Prioritize your safety by protecting your back, keeping your fingers away from pinch points, and ensuring that your feet are not positioned under the door. 
  • Lift the door from the center and maintain its level as it goes up. 
  • Avoid pushing or pulling on the garage door panels, as they may bend. 
  • Remember that the garage door will not stay open without support, so make sure to keep it level when it is open. 
  • Once you have retrieved your car, promptly close the garage door and avoid leaving it open.
How to Open a Garage Door With a Broken Spring

To safely open your garage door manually in the event of a broken spring, adhere to these three steps:

  • Disconnect the garage door opener from the door by pulling on the attached rope until the mechanism unlatches.
  • Seek assistance from another individual as the weight of the garage door may be too much for one person to handle alone.
  • Elevate the door until it rests on the horizontal rails.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to open the garage door if it is too heavy to move, as this could pose a risk to your safety.

Garage Door Spring Repair

How to Close a Garage Door With a Broken Spring

To shut your garage door, simply follow the reverse procedure of opening it: 

  • Begin by lowering the garage door to remove it from its position on the horizontal rails. 
  • With the assistance of another person, carefully guide the garage door downwards until it reaches the bottom. 
  • Reconnect the garage door opener to the door. 

Ensure that the garage door does not abruptly crash down, as this sudden impact could potentially harm additional parts.

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