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Safe & Quick Garage Door Installation by MH Garage Experts

Mechanical system is installed incorrectly, the entire thing won’t work. A garage door system that isn’t working properly could end up being dangerous for you or your family. Trust the experts at MH Garage Doors to install your garage door safely and quickly. 


If you’re upgrading your existing garage door opener or you have new parts that need to be installed, that installation should always be done by a professional who has the training and experience to take out the existing part safely and install the new part correctly the first time. 

Parts that are not installed correctly will fail faster than parts put in the right way, and they could also make the additional parts in the system wear out faster. 

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Expert Commercial Garage Door Services by MH Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors are a big investment for your business, and keeping them working properly is something we’re passionate about. Even the highest quality garage doors need occasional repairs and regular maintenance to stay in great working order. Our technicians at MH Garage Doors have the experience and expertise to keep your garage doors working properly.

Our highly-trained team has years of experience in commercial garage door repair, service, sales, and installation and can help your business with any garage door and gate needs.

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Exploring the Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opener Won't Work

Expert Garage Door
Repairs & Maintenance

Regular maintenance will lower the need for repairs, but damage happens. Dents, scratches, and bends can be daunting and seem to always happen when you least expect it. MH Garage Doors is here to back you up. Our technicians can fix that dent, repair that bend and mend that scratch.

MH Garage Doors qualified technicians are highly educated and ready to assess any damage existing damage and get you on your way to any repairs you may need. We’ll be there every step of the way, leaving you with a door that is comparable to a new installation. After we have completed the repair, we’ll give you tips on how to maintain your garage door, so it stays healthy and efficient. Plus, we’ll show you some safety checks you can do on your own.

No One Carries More Parts Than We Do

When you need a repair done fast, we will have the parts and expertise to repair your garage door or install a new one if it’s necessary. 

MH Garage Doors carries a wide range of commercial door parts for the most popular makes and models of commercial garage doors so that you don’t need to wait for parts in order to get your garage doors repaired. We always have parts like:

garage door openers
M&H Garage Door Repair Inc hinges
Garage Door spring
Bottom Seals
Garage Door spring fitting cables
Weather Seals
HM Garage Door Control Panel
garage door openers
Cable Drums
M&H Garage Door Repair Inc hinges
Extension Springs
Garage Door spring
Torsion Springs
Garage Door spring fitting cables
Spring Fittings
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And more!

When you need a repair done fast, we will have the parts and expertise to repair your garage door or install a new one if it’s necessary. 

Commercial Garage Door Repair And Service

Keeping your garage doors in good shape and working properly is essential for your business. If there is a problem with your garage doors and your vehicles can’t get in or out, then your work stops and means that you’ll lose money. MH Garage Doors understands that if you have an unexpected problem with your garage doors, you want it fixed it as soon as possible.Our teams are available 24/7 to help you with immediate repair when you need it.

Our technicians can also provide regular maintenance and inspections that will keep your garage doors in good working order so that you won’t have any interruptions to your business. Common commercial garage repairs that our technicians can perform quickly and efficiently include:

Commercial Wind Load Doors
High Speed Metal Doors

Commercial Garage Door Repair And Service

Often when garage doors don’t work, it could be because of multiple reasons, such a worn our part that leads to a belt problem. Our staff members are trained to look for these complex problems that can cause garage doors to stop working suddenly.  

Talk to one of our customer service representatives today about setting up routine inspections and maintenance of your garage doors so that our technicians can find and fix problems before they shut your business down. 

commerciacl garage doors

If you’re setting up a new garage, expanding your existing business, or if you’re just ready to replace your existing garage doors, MH Garage Doors can handle the installation for one garage door or fifty. No matter the size of your business, you’ll always get our best service. Call us today for a free no-obligation quote for garage door installation or to get expert advice on what type of garage doors your business needs.

commerciacl garage doors repair

Regular maintenance is an investment that will prevent costly emergency repairs down the line. Having one of our well-trained technicians come and inspect your garage doors on a regular basis will ensure that your garage doors are working the way they should and give our teams the chance to identify and prevent problems. They will check the mechanical operation of your commercial garage doors, and they will look for signs of wear and tear on belts and other components and replace them if necessary. They will also check the parts of your mechanical garage door to make sure that the parts aren’t worn or cracked, replacing any parts that need to be replaced.

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Commercial Garage Doors
Exploring the Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opener Won't Work

Why You Should Call A Professional For Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

Always leave the maintenance to professional garage door technicians, like the highly-trained team at MH Garage Doors. We make sure that our techs have the best diagnostic and service tools on the market so that they can assess your garage doors and pinpoint any potential problems.

Hiring a professional team to handle regular maintenance means that you will get a more thorough inspection of your garage doors. Because our staff members have commercial grade professional equipment, it’s much safer for them to perform inspections and do repairs on your garage doors than it is for you to do those repairs yourself.

Call To Request Commercial Garage Door Repair And Services Today!

MH Garage Doors has friendly customer service reps who would happily schedule a free estimate for an inspection, repairs, or a new garage door installation for your business. Call and talk to one of our team members today!

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Questions & ANswers

Frequently Asked Questions

At M & H Garage Door, we offer a wide range of commercial garage doors to suit your needs. Our selection includes sectional doors, rolling steel doors, high-speed doors, and specialty doors such as fire-rated doors and insulated doors.

Determining the right size for your commercial garage door depends on factors such as the dimensions of your opening, the type of door you choose, and any specific requirements for your business. Our experienced team at M & H Garage Door can visit your location to assess your needs and provide expert guidance to ensure the proper size for your commercial garage door.

Yes, absolutely! Our team of skilled professionals at M & H Garage Door specializes in the installation of commercial garage doors. We have the expertise and equipment necessary to install your chosen door accurately and efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and long-lasting durability.

Commercial garage doors, like any other mechanical system, require regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly. At M & H Garage Door, we offer comprehensive maintenance and servicing plans to keep your commercial garage doors in top condition. Our services include lubrication, inspection, adjustment of springs and hardware, and identifying and addressing any potential issues before they become major problems.

Yes, we understand that unexpected issues with commercial garage doors can disrupt your business operations. That’s why M & H Garage Door offers emergency repair services for commercial garage doors. Our skilled technicians are available 24/7 to address any urgent repair needs and restore your garage door’s functionality as quickly as possible.

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Enhance Security and Efficiency with Commercial Garage Doors

Elevate the security and operational efficiency of your commercial establishment with our cutting-edge Commercial Garage Doors. In today’s business landscape, security and efficiency are paramount, and our dedicated services are tailored to meet these crucial needs. Our commercial-grade garage doors are designed not only to protect your valuable assets but also to streamline your day-to-day operations.

With years of expertise in the industry, our team specializes in providing top-tier solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you require installation, maintenance, or upgrades, we have you covered. Discover how our Commercial Garage Doors can be a vital asset in safeguarding your property while enhancing the productivity and peace of mind you deserve.

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