Garage Door Spring Repair Chowchilla

Garage Door Spring Repair Chowchilla

Broken garage door springs can cause serious hardware malfunctions that pose not only operational and security risks, but a safety risk to your Chowchilla home or business. These issues should be addressed as soon as possible, and only by licensed professionals. Although spring repair or replacement might seem simple, garage doors are extreme pieces of heavy mechanical hardware, and can only be safely repaired by professionals. Fortunately the experts at Garage Door Repair Chowchilla have you covered; if you’re experiencing garage door issues, simply give us a call and we’ll have one of our experienced technicians at your location in a matter of minutes. We can repair any spring related malfunctions in a quick and efficient manner – so you’ll be sure to be satisfied.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two main types of spring systems for overhead garage doors. We repair all kinds of garage springs – so no matter what type you have at your Houston home or business, we can repair it.

Torsion Spring Systems: These are used most often for heavy and commercial grade garages. You can tell if a spring system is torsion based if you see the springs close to the door’s center wrapped around a metal shaft.

Extension Spring Systems: These systems are used more often in residential garages. You can tell if your garage spring system is extension based if you see a single or double spring above the tracks of your garage. These systems often work with pulleys on either side, fit with steel safety cables. Safety cables are an absolute must, since if an extension spring snaps, a door not outfit with safety cables can become quite dangerous indeed.

Chowchilla Garage Torsion Springs Repair

If you want to verify whether your Chowchilla home or business garage utilizes a torsion spring system, look at the door and find the springs. If you find the springs – which usually is a pair of 2. But can be anywhere between 1 and 4 springs – wrapped on a metallic shaft near the door’s center, then you are working with a torsion spring system.

Chowchilla Garage Extension Springs Repair

If you see springs above the track of your garage, it means you are working with an extension spring system. This system consists of 2 pulleys on either side outfit with a steel cable; and hopefully, a safety cable. The door should work with or without safety cables, but they are integral for protection and safe operation.

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Chowchilla

Broken Garage door springs occur when springs snap under the constant weight of carrying the heavy garage door. It usually occurs due to a lack of proper garage door maintenance. For the most part, broken springs lead to stuck garage doors – but it can cause serious structural damage as well as pose a safety risk to any people in or nearby the garage. Spring replacements should only be handled by professional garage door contractors who understand how to replace the spring with the exact spring type that matches the door and will bring it back to 100% working condition.

Expert Spring Repair for Garage Doors

Garage Door Springs should be repaired as fast as possible, as if they aren’t, serious safety risks and accidents might occur. Luckily, Garage Door Repair Chowchilla can efficiently and professionally repair any spring malfunctions that your residential or commercial garage door may be undergoing. Simply give us a call, and we will arrive at your location in a matter of minutes, and get your garage door back to working order incredibly quickly.

Broken garage door spring replacement Chowchilla

Our team of expert technicians has the long standing knowledge and experience necessary to replace any broken garage door spring. We can replace torsion and extension springs, as well as broken or malfunctioning safety cables. Our mobile repair vans are outfit with a wide variety of equipment, so you can be sure that we’ll be able to replace any kind of garage door spring, regardless of the specific make and model of your garage door. The Garage Door Repair Chowchilla team understands the ins and outs of garage door spring repair – you can have peace of mind in knowing that once you call us, your garage door will be in the utmost professional hands.

Repairing Garage Springs

Our expert garage door spring repair service will help supply you with the exact and specific spring form for your door – and repair it with all the corresponding correct equipment based on spring type. If you’re using torsion springs, torsion sticks must be used in the repair – no other equipment will suffice. The spring must be adjusted with the proper amount of tension, so that the door will stand open by itself in any position when being manually used. The wrong amount of spring tension can lead to malfunction and potentially injury. The technicians at Garage Door Repair Chowchilla have the necessary experience to complete any garage door spring repair in a fast, efficient, professional, and affordable manner – we guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our work.

Garage door springs have a life expectancy measured in cycles not years. One cycle is a single opening and closing sequence, which means the more you use the door, the shorter the life expectancy of the springs. In busy households, the number of cycles can add up quickly, increasing the chance that you’ll experience a broken garage door spring.

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The technician came out in under an hour and was able to open my door without damaging the panels and repaired the door in under 30 minutes. They are very smart about their craft and very pleasant to work with. Great job.

I thought i needed to replace my garage door and was expecting to have to buy a new one. The technician came out and with a few tweaks he made it as good as new and saved me a fortune.

This company is super nice and honest. I have been looking around for a while for someone to fix my mothers garage and you could tell he knew what he was doing, and at a very reasonable price.

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